MYOB EXO Business

MYOB EXO Business is a comprehensive software solution from MYOB's Enterprise Solutions Division.  Formerly known as Exonet, MYOB EXO Business has a number of modules to suit the business requirements of our growing and mid-sized customers including:

Businesses suited to the MYOB EXO application are those requiring access to an expansive range of functionality including:

  • Large numbers of users in multiple locations
  • Handling of large volumes of transactions
  • Advanced Inventory management across multiple locations
  • The accurate handling and costing of imported goods
  • Facilitation of “Style, Size and Colour” stock variants
  • Those that require the assembly of goods
  • Detailed management and tracking of Jobs
  • General Ledger based Cost Centre reporting
  • High visibility of business performance through customised management reports and dashboards

Operating on an ‘open' MS SQL database platform provides MYOB EXO high performance and great flexibility.  Customisations to the database/application and integration to other business applications means that we are able to ‘tailor' solutions to meet specific customer requirements. 

Additionally, the use of EDI, (Electronic Data Integration), Tools allows MYOB EXO to readily exchange data with other parties such as customers and suppliers.

We would be happy to discuss how a ‘tailor-made' MYOB EXO Business solution could add significant value to your business.


Case Studies

Please click on any of the links below to read case studies of some of our customers.  If you are an existing customer and would like to be featured here, please contact us.

We are aiming to add to this section, in order to give you a good understanding of the breadth of our skills, and so you can understand the vastly different types of organizations that we are assisting by integrating their disparate systems.