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What is new in the MYOB Advanced Business v 2017.1 release?


The MYOB Advanced Release v 2017.1  that rolled out earlier this year was a major release that added new features and improvements to the MYOB Advanced system.  These included:

  • The addition of Approvals to Accounts Payable Documents and Expense Receipts
  • Improved access to Contact Information on Opportunities form
  • Enhancements to Accounts Receivable Parent-Child functionality
  • Improvements to the management and configuration of Dashboards
  • Addition of Pivot Table functionality
  • Improved navigation from Generic Inquiry screens
  • Addition of support for partial Receipts of Two-step Stock Transfers
  • Enhanced integration with Power BI

To find out more about any of these new features, or any other aspects of the MYOB Advanced Business functionality, contact the Helm Support team.