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Should your ERP system be cloud based?

The recent weather events highlighted to many businesses the benefits of cloud-based systems, which while not bullet-proof when internet and power is out, can have advantages during recovery periods, especially if your workplace has been affected, and/or your team is dispersed and have limitations with their accessibility.

Hosted Exo Systems
MYOB Exo will never be converted to a true cloud-based application but will remain a high-performing server-based one. It need not be operated on your own in-house server though.

There are many IT Service providers offering hosting services these days and a number of our clients have successfully opted to outsource the hosting of their EXO systems to such providers. These service providers have superior redundancy options over what most business will have, therefore you will likely benefit from more robust/expedient disaster recovery capabilities.

How to move your ERP system to the cloud
If you want to evaluate the capabilities of a true, high-functioning, cloud-based ERP application as a potential replacement for your Exo system, then we would encourage you to talk to us about MYOB Advanced Business.

While there are currently no plans to discontinue development and support of the MYOB Exo application, the cloud-based MYOB Advanced Business application is being seen as a natural progression by some of our Exo clients looking for the benefits of a fully cloud-based solution for their business.

If you would like to start learning more about MYOB Advanced contact us.


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