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Email authentication changes

In efforts to combat spam and phishing attacks, Google and Yahoo made changes to email authentication from 1 February 2024.

These changes have the potential to impact your bulk email delivery from systems like Exo as well as marketing materials from the likes of Mailchimp or Hubspot.

We don’t anticipate these changes adversely impacting most sites operating the latest versions of Exo, however larger volumes of invoices being sent from older versions of Exo (pre V2021.X) could potentially be impacted by these changes. Other supporting applications utilising email (eg Cellophane) may also be impacted.

Our Support team can expediently review your MYOB Exo emailing setup to identify the need for any potential remedial work to ensure that your system meets the changed requirements.

If you are concerned, wish to discuss options, or incur email issues post 1 Feb, then we encourage you to speak to your IT service provider, or call the Helm Support team on 0800 11 55 11.

In summary

What's changing and why?
From 1 February 2024:  To further combat spam and phishing attacks, Google and Yahoo are implementing stricter rules around email authentication which will impact how emails are processed and filtered.

Why is this Important?
It is possible that your emails generated in large volumes from Exo could be marked as spam or not delivered at all due to non-compliance with the new rules.

What do I do now?
If you are concerned this might impact your business, get in contact with your IT service provider or call Helm regarding any Exo impacts.

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