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July Newsletter ~ Tips and Tricks ~ Out of time and in demand? ~ Successes

Welcome to our July email newsletter.  In this contact we share a recent win with a new implementation for Stevenson and Taylor Ltd, expand on the benefits Red Circle Group is receiving from their systems upgrades, share some tips and tricks on Menu Favourites in the latest release of EXO Business, and share a handy blog on why your business may not be growing.  Read more on each of these below, and if you would like your business featured as a case study, just let us know.If you would like to receive our newsletter, please click here and let us know, we will add you to our list.

Multi millions in monthly invoices handles by minute team

While the standard MYOB EXO Business functionality offers all of our clients’ greater efficiencies over their previous systems, one of the major benefits of EXO is the ability for us to ‘expand’ on the standard functionality to deliver even greater benefits to our clients.

A good example of this is the comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems that we have implemented into the Red Circle Group that has significantly reduced their physical data-entry requirements.

Read the benefits they have received in this full case study.
If you would like to discuss ways in which your systems could be potentially developed to provide greater value to you and your team contact us today.

Local business implements MYOB EXO Business

Long standing Central Hawke’s Bay based tractor and farm machinery business, Stevenson and Taylor Ltd are currently mid-point through the implementation of their MYOB EXO Business system with the Helm team.  A business with many distinct business units ‘under one roof’, the Stevenson and Taylor team are looking to the flexibility of MYOB EXO to provide the ‘real-time’ management information required to maintain their high customer service levels as they get busier and busier with each passing season. We'll keep you posted as the implementation progresses.

MYOB Exo Menu favourites

Many of the frequent software releases of MYOB Exo Business contain nifty new functionality elements designed to improve user experience of the software, but these are often overlooked as we all remain busy in our daily work lives.

Why not take 2 minutes now to check out this great video highlighting new Menu Favourites features in Exo Business 2017.1released earlier this year.

If you have not yet upgraded to EXO v2017.1 contact the Helm Support team to arrange for your system to be upgraded.

In demand but out of time?

When you see a decline in your business it’s easy to blame external factors -  good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can offer internal levers to offset what’s out of your control. Read more in this blog article here.


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