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January newsletter - Exo release ~ Market position

Happy New Year!  We trust that you all had an enjoyable holiday period and have returned in better shape than two of our Helm team members, as you will see later in this communication.

In this newsletter we provide key features of the MYOB EXO v 2017.3
release, and share success in market position of MYOB. If you have any questions on items in our
January newsletter, please get in touch.

Here's to a successful 2018.

MYOB released Exo v2017.3

This release includes the following new features and more:

  • The ability to select alternate suppliers for stock item lines when generating Purchase Orders from a Sales Order
  • The ability to recall creditor payment batches and send or re-send remittances via mailshot, which allows the sending of remittances to be deferred until sometime after the batch is processed
  • Lead times from the relevant Creditor accounts, (ie including alternate Suppliers), are now recorded against stock items meaning that the Due Date for each line on a Purchase Order is now calculated based on the lead time for the stock item on that line.
  • The ability to associate activities (tasks and appointments) with Assets.
  • It is now possible to insert multiple lines into a Purchase Order at once.When selecting stock items on the Stock Search window, you can select multiple items and click Save & Close to insert all selected items into the order at once.

For more details on these, and other new features, please click here.

Still using Exo v2016?

As mentioned previously we are aware that a number of clients are still utilising a 2016 Exo Release and so our Support team will be making contact with you in coming weeks to arrange and confirm plans to get your system upgraded to the latest v2017 release in order that you:

  • Can access the new product features
  • Stay up to date with operating system and other application compatibility etc
  • Receive the best service from the Helm Support team by having all of our clients consistently operating on the latest Release/s.

For a quick video summary of some of the major features added to MYOB EXO Business throughout 2017, click hereOr review this pdf here.

MYOB the leading ‘mid-market’ ERP system vendor

In last years annual ERP Buyer’s guide compiled by iStart, it was noted that MYOB is by a significant margin, the ERP vendor with the greatest ‘mid-market’ share within Australia and New Zealand; [see iStart ERP Guide Market share].

MYOB Exo Business forms the crucial backbone of that leading market position for MYOB and explains why MYOB continues their commitment to the ongoing development and support of this market-leading application. 

2018 will see a continuation of the development of the MYOB Exo Business application with substantial new features planned.                         

Holiday mishaps

Oh yes, while we hope that you had great holiday 'breaks', two of our senior team members had their holiday activities somewhat curtailed. So, for the next month or so you may find both Dean and Geoff a little less mobile than usual as they learn to function one-legged/one-armed.

The rest of the Helm team enjoyed their holiday breaks and remain fully fit albeit questioning the previously unquestionable wisdom of the above-mentioned senior team members.


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