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Sound business reasons to move to cloud computing with MYOB

Why is cloud computing the future?
Back in 2009, a huge 80% of midmarket companies preferred a solution installed on-premise, but that has changed drastically. Since 2010, adoption of cloud computing has been on the rise for small and medium-size businesses, with more and more businesses seeing it as the most cost-effective, flexible and fastest way to deploy and support their IT infrastructure and business applications without the need for significant capital investments and staffing increases.

Business reasons to make the move to cloud computing

For many small and medium-size businesses, the move to the cloud is done for very obvious business reasons - the first one being speed to implementation.  This is possible because cloud computing eliminates the need for purchasing and installing hardware and software.

Other business benefits include:

  • Anywhere, anytime access to information by staff, customers and partners, since all applications are designed to run on mobile devices
  • No staff time required to maintain or upgrade hardware as the company grows
  • Most current functionality is always available since the cloud vendor maintains and updates to the software
  • The SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud vendor has the best security available which has been verified by the news on the data security breaches at on-premise systems in big and medium size companies
  • Data is safely backed up with a disaster recovery plan
  • True cloud applications are designed with an intuitive user interface to speed time to productivity.

Success with the cloud

Because cloud solutions have been used to run Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for some time now, the industry has access to documented results of the benefits** such as:

  • The benefits of the Cloud provide tangible business benefits in operating costs, schedule compliance and on-time delivery.
  • Average improvement of profitability over two years for midmarket companies that are not in the Cloud was 9% profitability improvement. However, midmarket companies who were Cloud-enabled reported a 17% improvement in profitability over the past two years.
  • ROI that improves overall bottom line.
  • 13% more likely to have Customer Relationship Management
  • 43% more likely to have Business Analytics

Solution accessible 24/7 no matter your location

“Since a cloud solution is accessible to employees no matter where they are, it is easier to share the functionality included in the solutions. Ultimately, this improves visibility, impacts collaboration, and enables efficiency and agility. In fact, midmarket organisation with cloud solutions are:

  • 41% more likely to have real-time visibility in to the status of all projects
  • 47% more likely to have automated notifications empowering business leaders to react immediately”
  • Cloud implementations result in significant improvements over on-premise ERP systems. A few examples include:
  • 8% improvement in operational costs as a result of cloud ERP
  • 8% improvement in profitability as a result of cloud ERP.

** Benefits as found in “Improve your Midmarket Business Operations with Cloud Applications” Report by the Aberdeen Group – 2014.
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