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Excite your clients this holiday season

Yes, some of us do still like browsing the shops (with our feet) but many consumers will be turning to their mobile devices to plan, review, and compare gifts on their Christmas list before they purchase (either online, or in store).

For most, the holiday season will involve some religious or cultural significance. Put thought into your audience, customers, and clients, the focus doesn’t always need to be on making a sale.  A lot of fun can be had in the spirit of giving.

With the above thoughts in mind, how can you get your online audience in the spirit this holiday season?  We have prepared a few easy tips:

Cover photos
Update your cover photo on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms.  You may want to show off some holiday products, or highlight special deals.  Don’t have specials?  Take a photo of your office or store and show off how you are celebrating the festive season. Use bold colour and a Christmas themed imagery.

Profile image
Change out your profile image – this is what follows ‘your business’ around social media (when you share updates, comment, like and post).  Choose a santa hat on top of your logo, a reindeer under mistletoe.

If you have multiple social media accounts, use hashtags to tie them together, eg. #Christmas2016

Client email
Send your clients (or customers) a Christmas themed holiday email, include your hours and a personalised message, don't forget to put in any specials, and a call to action with a timeframe to spur them into action.  Find an image with a holiday theme and include your text on this for some extra spirit.

Remember people will be online more with the build-up to Christmas so don’t neglect your social media accounts, make the most of this time by staying active with regular seasonal posts and messages.  Don’t forget to keep your brand integrity during the holiday season, and remember the message you are sending.


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