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Enhanced security for MYOB Advanced

Updates to MYOB advanced are carried out throughout the year with minor upgrades every one or two months and one major upgrade every year. The planned upgrade for September is the major update for this year. 

There isn’t anything in particular that you need to do for these updates except be aware that they are occurring.  The update will take place overnight (between the 12am and 4am) so you will be unable to log in during this time.

There are three major changes with this release:

1.  Updates to the User Interface

This change will not happen automatically and we can discuss when you want this change to be applied to your site so it doesn’t disrupt your day to day processes.

2.  Enhancements to the Projects management module

The functionality of this module has been significantly improved.

3.  The introduction of Two Factor Authentication security

A more secure login process to ensure only authorised people have access to your data.

If you have questions, please get in touch.


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