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Work smarter in a new contactless environment

In recent weeks the need for most of us to work remotely has meant we are needing to ensure our systems can support this ‘new’ working environment. 

Having all of your applications fully integrated not only delivers efficiencies for you, your team, and potentially other stakeholders of your business, (clients/suppliers), but also ensures you can continue to work seamlessly.

With the possibility of working like this continuing for some time yet, now is an excellent time to assess how your systems stack up. 

One of the benefits of having MYOB Exo as your core ERP solution, is that there are an array of ‘Add On’ solutions that expand the functionality available to you and your team.  Many of these add ons integrate fully with MYOB Exo Business using the Exo API (Application Program Interface)

In recognising the potential need for you to expand the capabilities of your systems, Helm has joined with MYOB to offer you a complimentary* 3 month Exo API licence so you can experience the value offered by add on developers.

How might you use the Exo Business API?

  • Online Store (Web Shop) Integrations - With social distancing in place, traditional retail is moving online in greater volumes than ever before. For some businesses, implementing an eCommerce solution, is vital for longevity. Helm has relationships with developers who are very experienced at integrating online eCommerce platforms with Exo.
  • Online account presentation and payment solutions – Add On apps that provide your customers with a live view of their account and convenient, secure online payment capabilities.
  • Automated Accounts Payable processing - With remotely separated teams, having highly visible and automated digital Accounts Payable Approval queues and paperless Accounts Payable document processing provides continued control over these functions of the business.
  • Credit/risk profiling - Managing your debtors becomes critical for cashflow in the constrained business environment we are operating in. A number of Add On solutions can literally pay for themselves very quickly by offering you accurate credit insights about your clients and identifying risk profiles and allowing you to set correct trading credit limits.
  • Do it yourself - It may be a good time for a business to consider that bespoke killer function that will give your business a technological edge over its competitors when we emerge from our Covid-19 bubbles. The Exo API incorporates a secure relay framework allowing you to access your data in Exo Business from outside of your private network via a simple internet connection. We have experienced consultants and developers who can build a custom application, or you can join the Exo API developer program and explore the possibilities yourself. 

There are many more examples of how the MYOB Add On community can offer solutions to help a business reduce its costs, gain efficiency and remove the handling of paper.

If you are interested in finding out more about which Add On solutions will assist your business contact Dean by email or call 027 4884 024.

* Terms and conditions
MYOB Exo API RRP is NZD $813+GST pa
During the promotional period 1 April – 30 June 2020, the API license can be provided free of charge as trial license for a 3 month period from date of order
The API license cannot be discounted after the promotional period ends
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


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