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Did your systems inhibit your transition to remote working?

The speed with which the COVID-19 pandemic impacted business continuity was quite startling and completely unprecedented.

Did your business have the right systems to ease your transition into the enforced remote working environment, or have your systems added complexity to the issues already faced?

Has your team had seamless access to the aspects of your systems they require to maintain ‘business as usual’ while in lockdown?

Do your clients have confidence you are able to meet their requirements through this turbulent time?

While the move to Alert Level 4 had a dramatic impact on us all, Helm’s clients using the highly functional cloud-based ERP solution, MYOB Advanced Business, had one less issue to address as their system required allowed users to work from any internet connected device, anywhere, at any time.

The Helm team is happy to have a no-obligation conversation to discuss your business systems and see how you can improve during this time.  If you are ready to explore how the MYOB Advanced system might deliver substantive benefits to you and your team get in touch with Dean on 027 4884 024.

6 Signs you have outgrown your business software

A dramatic environmental event like COVID-19 will encourage many of us to review the suitability and adaptability of our systems.  MYOB have talked to large numbers of growing businesses over the years and from those discussions have been able to compile the 6 Signs that you have outgrown your current business software.  Here’s what they had to say.

​ Forecast 5 adds Daily Cashflow functionality

The Helm team recommends to our clients the flexible Forecast 5 application for their Budgeting and Cash Flow forecasting requirements. 

Used as a stand-alone forecasting application, or even better, integrated into your MYOB Exo Business or MYOB Advanced Business ERP solution, Forecast 5 allows users to readily flex their budgets and cash flows with multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios, and the ability to update with actual data, in order to keep a close eye on Cash flows during these complicated times.

Reacting to user demand, the Forecast 5 team have announced their intention to release improved functionality to manage a business’s Daily Cashflows.

The Daily Cashflow will enable you to be able to review and amend day-by-day cashflow expectations and actuals.

Forecast 5 will generate the expected receipts and payments from your current budget AND they have added a payment field for day of the month to refine the cash flow. You will then be able to alter these based on real time expectations to get daily bank positions and availability to spend.

If you would like to find out how Forecast 5 can help improve your budgeting and cashflow requirements contact Dean on 027 4884 024 for a demonstration.


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