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Small actions that have big impacts

The importance of staff training

When you have a staff member taking over a new role, it is important they have comprehensive training to support them in their new position.

Staff handovers are ideal – but not always possible. When staff leave an organisation they walk out the door with a lot of knowledge on the most efficient ways to use your systems.

If you have a change in staff – this is a great time to address training and have a ‘Health Check’ to refresh any training, reporting or process requirements for your business.

Up your system performance

If you are finding your system slower than usual when running reports, or other key processes, we have some tips and tricks to help you improve your system performance:

  1. Delete old database backups. Delete all Database backups for the previous financial year. This will make more resource available for those tasks you wish to run every day.
  2. Set up a temporary folder for files and database backups that you only need short-term. Set a calendar reminder to delete every Quarter
  3. Consider Upgrading your server to manage the load. Your IT provider will be able to help you with this or look int Helm’s Exo Hosting Service.

The importance of Exo’s Computer and User Profiles

Exo Computer Profiles are extremely important for sites with multiple Stock Locations. Understanding the impacts these profiles have on your business is key:

  • Computer Profiles determine the default Stock Location for new transactions
  • User Profiles govern the rights to transact in multiple locations, and the types of transactions able to be posted

So, if a user is on a computer with an incorrect computer profile then their stock transactions may be posting to an incorrect location, and they are not able to change it. 

If you would like to talk through your Exo User and Computer profiles to ensure you are getting the most out of your system and stock processes – call Helm. We will help you to maintain these to best suit your business processes.


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