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Feature updates in 2020 Releases of MYOB Exo

New cleaner looking interface

MYOB is continuing the ongoing development of MYOB Exo Business

After focusing on the underlying SQL database in the 2018 and 2019 releases MYOB has returned attention to the User experience of MYOB Exo in its 2020 Releases.

The key focus of the 2020.1 and 2020.2 Releases have been the introduction of a new, cleaner-looking interface.

This is the updated Job Costing window:

This is the updated Job Costing window:

Statement of Cashflows coming

The Helm team has joined a Partner Advisory group, liaising with the MYOB Product Development Team on the addition of Statement of Cashflow functionality within Exo to be included in the upcoming 2020.3 release.

Why and when to upgrade?

It is important to keep your MYOB Exo system up to date by upgrading at least annually to ensure:

  • Ongoing compatibility with the latest technology
  • To remain on an officially supported version (MYOB officially supports versions up to two years old)
  • To gain access to new features (many of which include improved security and database performance improvements)
  • To allow the Helm Support team to provide efficient support by not needing to address issues relating to ‘old’ versions.

The Helm team will contact you regularly to confirm with you the best time to upgrade your systems so that you and your team get optimum benefits from your ongoing investment.


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