Freephone: 0800 115 511

Support available in all COVID lockdown levels

Helm will be providing Support Services during the current enforced COVID Alert-level shutdown as normal - our team are operating from home with secure remote connectivity to our systems and yours as required.The best method to contact us for support is to email:

You can also contact individual Helm Support team members directly should you wish via their email and/or mobile phones (we recommend not ringing the Helm office landlines during the shut-down period).

Support and Ongoing Development

While we will certainly be providing day-to-day support services in respect of your systems as required during the shutdown, we remain available for those further development assignments should you wish us to progress those.  This means when you and your teams are back on-board post shutdown, you can benefit from the improved efficiencies.  We have been working with many of our clients on deploying those ‘mobile’ and efficiency-gaining options such as:

  • Automated, Web-based Accounts Payable Processing and Approval
  • Mobile Job Management/Scheduling and Time Collation
  • Web-based KPI BI Reporting
  • Mobile Warehouse Management Systems
  • And more.

Please feel free to contact Dean to discuss the above, or any other aspects of your system on 027 4884 024.


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