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Exo Release version 2021.5

Part of MYOB’s commitment to continuous improvement includes the ongoing regular release of new versions of Exo.  The latest Exo Release is 2021.5 and includes the following new features:

  • System Administrators can send requests to other users to log out – or force them to log out.
  • Stock Movement Transactions screen now has individual Event Reasons.
  • Business Alerts that are triggered will appear on one message window. Added header and footer messages.
  • Editing of History Notes on processed Sales Orders.

For sites who are currently operating Exo versions later than 2019.2, upgrading to the latest release will be straight forward and we encourage you to do so to keep your system up to date with MYOB’s latest features and security updates. Being on the latest release makes supporting your system a lot easier for our Support team – meaning any issues can be resolved faster.

Contact Helm's Support team to arrange for the update to be applied to your system.


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