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Further your success with MYOB Advanced Business

MYOB Advanced Business Intelligence and Reporting

Common Business Data Issues

  • Reporting is time-consuming and often tedious
  • Data is rarely 100% accurate, it's hard to see what products are selling well
  • The data is often out of date, so you can’t track sales accurately
  • Data formatting is inconsistent
  • Duplicated data is driving your accountant crazy
  • Data is held in different systems.

Business Management Reporting

  • Utilise comprehensive reporting tools that allow you to monitor real-time trends.
  • Create and use personalised business Dashboards to display different information types related to jobs, roles, or responsibilities to give you an overview on your projects and operational information.
  • Report scheduling - do you use the same reports again and again? Let MYOB Advanced Business do the work with scheduled reports.

Business Intelligence, Reporting & Dashboards

  • Choose how you display your real-time data. 
  • You can create custom reports to drill down into specific areas you need to inform your decision making.
  • Consolidate your reports – even across multiple entities.

Powerful Visualisations and Reports

  • Easily combine data from imported files or cloud applications like Salesforce.
  • Use an array of data visualisations and reporting to gain further business insight, in-depth analysis and proven business forecasting.

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