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Further your success with MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced Inventory and Distribution

  • Track inventory levels and costs across numerous Warehouses and Locations.
  • Comprehensive Sales Order Management including tailorable workflows allowing ease of track Sales orders, Deliveries, Back orders, Customer Returns and Promotions.
  • Streamline your processes using Serial and Batch tracking, Kit assemblies and Bin locations with Pick priorities.
  • Access comprehensive information on your inventory:
       -   Supplier codes
       -   Barcodes
       -   Cost
       -   Sell Price history.
  • Manage multiple Customer and Supplier Price Lists and Discounts.
  • Enable system-generated Replenishment suggestions and combine with your required Approval worklfows.
  • Accurately manage your margins with landed cost tracking
  • Reduce inventory waste with automatic issuing of earliest Expiration dates, and instantly remove expired items from available Inventory.

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