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September Licensing Special for Helm Clients

Do you need to increase the number of Users who can access your EXO Job Cost and/or EXO CRM modules? Now is the time to do so as MYOB is offering Helm clients a 40% discount on the purchase of any EXO Job Cost and/or EXO CRM User licenses purchased before 26 September. Discounted pricing   RRP Discounted Price EXO Job Cost  $2,598 $1,559 EXO CRM $1,358 $815Take advantage of this discount offer now by contacting Dean, see T&C's below....

September 16, 2018

Enhanced security for MYOB Advanced

Updates to MYOB advanced are carried out throughout the year with minor upgrades every one or two months and one major upgrade every year. The planned upgrade for September is the major update for this year.  There isn’t anything in particular that you need to do for these updates except be aware that they are occurring.  The update will take place overnight (between the 12am and 4am) so you will be unable to log in during this time.There are three major changes with this release: 1....

September 14, 2018

Expand the functionality of your MYOB Exo based systems

More and more of Helm’s clients are recognising the value of expanding the functionality of their MYOB Exo based systems. This is achieved through the addition of fully integrated and certified ‘Add-On’ solutions that address some of the specialty functions of their business operations.  Thus improving productivity, efficiency, and access to key data. Helm has business partner relationships with a growing range of such applications including the following favourites, so give...

August 1, 2018

What is Cloud ERP and the benefits to business

Cloud computing (“the cloud”) is one of the leading technology topics in the world. Cloud computing uses the internet to provide shared computing resources and storage of records or documents. The term covers everything from emailing or photo sharing on a commercial service like Google to hosting the entire computing infrastructure of a global corporation from remote data centers. The Cloud is particularly valuable to small and medium-size businesses (SMB’s) because it provides access to f...

July 10, 2018

An updated MYOB Exo - v2018.2

In the first half of the year MYOB released two new versions of the MYOB Exo Business application: v2018.1 in March 2018 and v2018.2 in May 2018. These releases include the following new features and more: Ongoing interface updates and enhancements to usability and performanceUnallocated Credits in the Creditors Payment Processor to limit risk of over payment to suppliersNew Stock Movements window, which includes the ability to import stock movements into the system in bulkSeveral standard repor...

June 5, 2018

Sound business reasons to move to cloud computing with MYOB

Why is cloud computing the future? Back in 2009, a huge 80% of midmarket companies preferred a solution installed on-premise, but that has changed drastically. Since 2010, adoption of cloud computing has been on the rise for small and medium-size businesses, with more and more businesses seeing it as the most cost-effective, flexible and fastest way to deploy and support their IT infrastructure and business applications without the need for significant capital investments and staffing increases....

May 1, 2018

Welcome to the Helm team Jackie

In April 2018 we welcomed Jackie Watts to our Consulting team. A qualified accountant with 15 years experience, Jackie spent 10 of these at an Invercargill CA firm, then the following five as management accountant for a large manufacturing business using MYOB Exo.  She was heavily involved in the implementation process and subsequently as a user.  This great experience means Jackie has fit right in to our Exo Support Team, and has also dived into the MYOB Advanced Business application,...

April 2, 2018

Calculating your ROI on an ERP

Suppose you are considering a new ERP system and the total cost is $30,000.  Let’s assume that the system will save the company $150,000 over the next 5 years. What’s the expected return on this investment (ROI)? There are a couple of ways to calculate the ROI. One method is that the return on this investment is 500% and a second method would be a 80% gain, if you prefer to look at it that way. Remember, though, that the $30,000 is the total cost of the system for the entire 5-year peri...

March 5, 2018

End of Year Financial Processes

31 March is the end of the financial year for many of us. In order to assist you with ensuring that transitioning your end of year processes with your MYOB EXO Business systems is as smooth as possible, the Helm team has compiled some notes of end of year procedures, in order to provide the best data for the preparation of your Financial Statements. Click here to download our suggested end of year procedure, (which may differ slightly from client to client) - we still advocate timely processing ...

February 19, 2018

January newsletter - Exo release ~ Market position

Happy New Year!  We trust that you all had an enjoyable holiday period and have returned in better shape than two of our Helm team members, as you will see later in this communication. In this newsletter we provide key features of the MYOB EXO v 2017.3 release, and share success in market position of MYOB. If you have any questions on items in our January newsletter, please get in touch. Here's to a successful 2018....

January 15, 2018

The Map of Meaning

- Guest Blog by Lani MorrisStaring into space, totally exhausted and wondering if you will ever feel energetic again – that’s often the first stage of the holidays. Then energy returns and with it, the chance to reflect over the past year, and possibly even think about the year ahead.We get enough head space to ponder a bit: what do I really want from my business?I’ve run my own small business for over forty years. I still remember the day that I realized that in small business we can actu...

December 11, 2017

MYOB Exo Release v2017.2

MYOB’s development of the EXO Business application continues with the release of MYOB EXO Business v2017.2.  The 2017.2 release of MYOB Exo Business includes the following new features: A refresh of the Exo Fixed Assets module, which adds numerous features that are standard in other Exo Business modules.Interface updates to the Purchase Orders window.Updates to the Exo Clarity Parameters and Print Preview windows.The ability to reprint Creditor remittance advice. For detailed informa...

November 9, 2017

MYOB Exo Release v 2017.1

MYOB continues to improve MYOB Exo products and services in order to make your life that little bit easier. Exo Business 2017.1 is here, but what has changed? Community Driven Enhancements More than 20 of the most requested enhancements across the entire product submitted on behalf of business users and voted for by Exo Business certified partners. Reporting Enhancements Building further on recent reporting improvements including better rendering of reports in Excel. The Exo Clarity report build...

October 9, 2017

July Newsletter ~ Tips and Tricks ~ Out of time and in demand? ~ Successes

Welcome to our July email newsletter.  In this contact we share a recent win with a new implementation for Stevenson and Taylor Ltd, expand on the benefits Red Circle Group is receiving from their systems upgrades, share some tips and tricks on Menu Favourites in the latest release of EXO Business, and share a handy blog on why your business may not be growing.  Read more on each of these below, and if you would like your business featured as a case study, just let us know.If you would...

July 3, 2017

MYOB Advanced Business selected by growing NZ log exporting business

International Primary Products (NZ) Ltd are a nimble and fast growing export business largely focused at present on log exports. Expanding from their established NZ operations into the larger Australian market, Directors Phil and Leone Jeune had definite needs for a highly functional and ‘nimble’ system to support their dynamic business and the MYOB Advanced Business solution proposed by Helm Business Information Systems Ltd ticked all the boxes and more.Work on the implementa...

May 17, 2017

What's new in the MYOB Advanced Business v 2017.1 release?

The MYOB Advanced Release v 2017.1  that rolled out earlier this year was a major release that added new features and improvements to the MYOB Advanced system.  These included:The addition of Approvals to Accounts Payable Documents and Expense ReceiptsImproved access to Contact Information on Opportunities formEnhancements to Accounts Receivable Parent-Child functionalityImprovements to the management and configuration of DashboardsAddition of Pivot Table functionalityImproved navigati...

May 8, 2017

Streamline your invoicing and free Jane up

Is your accounts payable a smooth process, or do you have a Jane in your office?  Find out how to streamline your invoicing system, and free Jane up for more important work....

May 1, 2017

Bespoke accounting solutions provider wins national award for minding business

Helm was recognised as ‘the best' in a High Achievers awards ceremony at the United for Growth 2017 Enterprise Partner conference. This accolade acknowledges Helm's leading position among the NZ MYOB Advanced resellers. If you are interested in working with an award winning ERP solutions provider, click here to contact us.Read the full article here in Hawke's Bay Today....

April 5, 2017

It pays to protect your password online

When you think about your password, consider your toothbrush - you don’t let other people use it, and you replace it every three months.  Not bad advice when you consider the seriousness of hacking these days on the internet.Being the end of the financial year, now is a good time to consider changing your password, and we have pulled together some tips for you:Use a password manager, this is an easy solution, some suggestions are LastPast, KeePass or Dashlane – these programmes encrypt ...

March 7, 2017

Excite your clients this holiday season

Yes, some of us do still like browsing the shops (with our feet) but many consumers will be turning to their mobile devices to plan, review, and compare gifts on their Christmas list before they purchase (either online, or in store).For most, the holiday season will involve some religious or cultural significance. Put thought into your audience, customers, and clients, the focus doesn’t always need to be on making a sale.  A lot of fun can be had in the spirit of giving.With the above tho...

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